Waymaker – Beating the Bounds


‘Thank you for making the space available’

Our Buddhist friends

Dear Friends – Happy Easter

This Sunday is traditionally marked as ‘Rogation Sunday’. It was the custom of villagers to walk in procession around the boundaries of their parish led by the cross – see  Beating the Bounds‘.

‘Boundaries’ matter. They define us, mark us out and create ‘identity’. Through them we build our sense of community and belonging.

The Christian paradox is that we worship the ‘boundless God’ – boundless in mercy, justice and peace. God’s identity is complete love, his community is love and his welcome is of limitless grace.

This Sunday we will reflect on our response to God’s invitation to share in the gift of that complete love and so find our place – and identity – within God’s community of love.

Later in the week we will mark Ascension Day with a simple, short service of prayer on Thursday 26 May in the morning at 7am in the grounds of West Wittering church.  Through the Ascension we also have our sense of ‘boundary’ re-imagined as we celebrate earth being lifted up into heaven and heaven coming down into earth.

In Christ, God has re-mapped heaven and earth, divine and human. There is no longer a boundary…

Walking with the Waymaker