Sunday services – 24 July

It matters to God

A Prayer Station for Peace has been provided in each parish church building.

 Prayer matters – do please continue to pray for:

Johanna Morrish, Eloise, baby Elijah, Margaret Eyre, Chris, Ros O’Brien, Ivor, Frederick Halstead, Robert Kynaston, Georgie, Bernadette, Sandra Blyth, Rosemary Harvey, Matthew Hooker.

We give thanks for the life of Daniel Stride, Charlie Gray, Anna, Derek Smith, Jean Durbin, Margaret Watts, Derek Hughes, and Tony Offredi; and pray God’s comfort for those who are grieving.

 Collect for the sixth Sunday in the Kingdom season


who hast prepared for them that love thee

such good things as pass man’s understanding:

Pour into our hearts such love toward thee,

that we, loving thee above all things,

may obtain thy promises, which exceed

all that we can desire;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.



8am BCP said Holy Communion @ St Peter & St Paul, West Wittering
8am BCP said Holy Communion@ St Nicholas, Itchenor

10am One Church Family St James Patronal Service
@ St James, Birdham
We hope to be OUTSIDE please bring CHAIRS 

6pm Evening Prayer @ St Peter & St Paul, West Wittering  

Please note: Morning Prayer will restart on Wednesday 3rd August.