Strangers in a New Land

Let My People Go
Breaking chains, transforming lives

At Harbour Churches we are called to be Jesus Christ to the world.  Our Mission Plan comprises the 5 Tso which identify ways in which we aim to make this call a reality: Tell, Teach, Tend, Treasure and Transform.  This item is one of the regular, ongoing Transform slots in the newsletter.

When the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, God’s message to Pharaoh was “Let my people go”.  Today, throughout the world, people are still trapped in chains, such as slavery, poverty, preventable disease and exploitation.  We aim to help break chains partly by raising awareness of and praying for specific issues, and by speaking out or political lobbying; and partly by offering practical support with specific projects.

Today’s Chain: Strangers in a New Land
Huge numbers have been airlifted out of Afghanistan in a very short space of time.  Over the coming months many more are likely to arrive through other routes.  These people have lost virtually everything and all will have endured some trauma.

God’s call has always been to welcome strangers and help provide for them.  The Transform Team are committed to doing what we can to break the chains of ‘not belonging’ and help ensure that people fleeing tyranny and oppression have a warm welcome and receive ongoing support to enable them to participate fully in their new community.

In the coming months we will update you on the developing situation and suggest ways in which we at Harbour Churches can help these strangers settle in and feel at home.

Meanwhile please pray:

Heavenly Father, we pray for the peoples of Afghanistan now fearing tyranny and oppression under their new rulers.  We thank you that thousands have been brought out safely, some of whom will settle in West Sussex.  We pray for all involved in making them feel at home and enabling them to find peace, friendship and fulfilment.  When the time is right, guide us in Harbour Churches to give whatever help we can and so further the growth of your Kingdom of justice, mercy and peace.  Amen.