Prayer for the World and Covid

Let My People Go
Breaking chains, transforming lives

At Harbour Churches we are called to be Jesus Christ to the world.  Our Mission Plan comprises the 5 Ts which identify ways in which we aim to make this call a reality: Tell, Teach, Tend, Treasure and Transform.  This item is one of the regular, ongoing Transform slots in the newsletter.

When the Israelites were enslaved in Egypt, God’s message to Pharaoh was “Let my people go”.  Today, throughout the world, people are still trapped in chains, such as slavery, poverty, preventable disease and exploitation.  We aim to help break chains partly by raising awareness of and praying for specific issues, and by speaking out or political lobbying; and partly by offering practical support with specific projects.

Today’s Chain: Lack of Healthcare Resources


Please pray:

God our Father, we bring to you the needs of those communities in the world who are being affected by Covid-19 with little or no vaccine protection.  We remember especially our brothers and sisters in Bo, Sierra Leone, now in the throes of the pandemic, with full mortuaries.

We pray for healing of those who have contracted the virus.  Give them strength and courage in this time of darkness and fear.  Comfort those who mourn.  Bless the medical staff as they care for the sick and try to control the spread of the virus with very limited resources.

Grant that in our own comfort and blessings we may never forget the needs of others but may work tirelessly to help bring about your Kingdom of justice, mercy and peace.  We ask this in the name of Jesus who, in word and action, showed his loving concern for people who were poor, oppressed or marginalised.