National minute of silence – Sunday 18 September

Dear Friends

What times these are…

An extended time of mourning does challenge our contemporary sensibilities. A bit like at Christmas when we take the tree down on Boxing Day and ‘move on’ to celebrate New Year, we question why we are still having to keep on with it when the ‘moment’ seems to have passed… Yet surely we all know that, as it was for Auden, grief itself can do strange things to our sense of time and those who are grieving need us to stay the course with their ‘time-less’ grief… We have a ‘duty’ to mourn.

All CofE parish churches have been asked to open to mark the National Minute of Silence this Sunday evening at 8pm.

St James and St Peter and St Paul parish churches will be holding a short Prayer Vigil from 7.45pm – 8pm ending with the formal minute’s silence. There will also be an opportunity to place a lit candle in prayerful remembrance of our late Queen.

We know too that a minute’s silence can itself feel like a moment when we are taken out of time to touch the timelessness of eternity…

With every blessing