Archbishop Justin Welby says threats to LGBTQ+ are a sin

Justin Welby

Archbishop offers to meet Sandi Toksvig after same-sex marriage stance criticism

Justin Welby said threats she and other LGBTQ+ people “have experienced in the name of Jesus Christ are a sin”.

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The Archbishop of Canterbury has branded threats to LGBTQ+ people “a sin” and offered to meet comedian Sandi Toksvig for coffee after she criticised the Anglican church’s stance on same-sex marriage.

Justin Welby responded to the television presenter after she said the lives of LGBTQ+ people were “at stake” following the religious leader’s “horrible mistake” in reaffirming a 1998 Anglican declaration rejecting same-sex marriage.

The former Great British Bake-Off host, who is gay, had published an open letter on Twitter on Wednesday describing the issue as a “serious matter” and recalling the “several credible death threats” she has received through the years from evangelical Christians.

Responding on Thursday with a letter also published on Twitter, Mr Welby thanked Ms Toksvig for her correspondence and said he would “love to sit down over a coffee to talk with you about it”…

Link to full article published on the Independent