holy refugees…happy christmas…

…holy refugees…happy Christmas

“I’m so excited for Christmas this year” Betty, my middle daughter said. We’d been talking about whether, as a nurse, she would withdraw her labour in protest against the last decades dislocation of nursing pay from the real cost of living. She sounded weary and a little sad. Christmas, I think, offered some joy and escape from all the many difficulties and worries of our present perma-crisis – and why not… We all long for light in times of darkness – a little Christmas cheer.

The picture above is from the Harbour Churches Christmas card to be delivered to each house in our Benefice. It’ll have details of all the many opportunities there will be to celebrate ‘the light of the world’ for the first time after the pandemic.

What do you think of the picture? Is it Christmassy enough? Maybe not… It tells the ‘other’ Christmas story – God’s reign coming in Christ as judge and king. The Christ-light holds to account all that is not of God’s kingdom of justice, mercy and peace. Remember, God ‘lay his glory by’. Christ came not for himself but to break the bonds of sin and herald his Father’s kingdom.

This Sunday, we celebrate Christ the King. From next Advent Sunday, we will ready ourselves again for God’s reign as we watch and wait and hope for that reign to be sovereign – which will be good news for all those who are short changed…

Ave Christus rex