Harbour Churches Newsletter 7th March

At Harbour Churches it will soon be time for T – in fact five Ts!

Since Advent we have explored the characteristics of hospitality, nurture, freedom, and shortly, gratitude. We have identified these as foundational for the growth of Harbour Churches.

Starting after Easter on Sunday 11th April we will move from ‘being’ to ‘doing’, as we explore – Sunday by Sunday – the five Ts that have been identified as critical to ministry and mission – to sharing the ‘good news’ of God’s kingdom with those we are called to serve as we witness to God’s love in Christ.

Here are those five T’s:

Celebrating the Good News
Inspiring worship for everyone that is life changing
Led by Jonathan

Nurturing believers – old and new
A learning church skilfully developing discipleship
Led by Revd. Anthony

Responding to human need
Building life restoring relationships offering healing and wholeness
Led by Susan

Working for justice, mercy and peace
A courageous church, speaking truth to power and acting for the sake of
the poor, oppressed & marginalised
Led by Revd. Bruce

Cherishing God’s creation
Living in environmentally sustainable ways and honouring the sanctity of all life
Led by Revd Jim

I hope that the whole church family can be involved in looking at the ways in which we are already doing the Ts, things that may not be working so well and need to stop or need a re-boot and, importantly, fresh ways in which we can be ‘good news’ as Harbour Churches.

We all have our particular enthusiasms and passions – as well as applicable skills.

A question:

Which one of those five Ts  (or more!) stirs your heart and calls to you?

Surely, one of them must? Why not get in touch with the member of the Ministry Team who is supporting that particular T to find out more about how you can make your own particular and valued contribution.

Most importantly we hope that, through these 5 Ts, the whole church family will feel inspired to work together to be a church that brings good news.

Mothering Sunday and moving to worshipping together…

Next Sunday, Mothering Sunday, will be the anniversary of moving into a time of Covid restrictions. For a year now, we have done our best to support each other and our communities to stay safe. Whilst we have missed being together as worshipping congregations, I hope we can all agree that as Harbour Churches we have been able to live out our faith in lockdown through all the online activity which has become such a valued part of our church life.

The Governments ‘Roadmap out of Lockdown’, whilst not prohibiting gatherings for worship in church, makes it clear that we are still several, uncertain months from being able to confidently gather together in larger groups. I and the Leadership and Ministry Team are still not convinced that we are able to worship in person. Any change will be agreed by the PCCs after the 29th March.

Looking ahead to Easter Sunday, we will be making an exception by holding a simple service of Holy Communion in each of the village church buildings at 8am. More details of how to book a place at this service will come out soon but all the previous restrictions must apply.

We will keep Holy Week as we did last year ‘online’ and look forward to a very special Zoom service to celebrate Easter Sunday!

Susan and I are leading worship on Mothering Sunday and we invite you to bring to the service a picture of your mother or of someone from whom you have felt a mother’s love.

Your village church building remains open everyday for your private devotions and prayers. You are always welcome to come on your own to offer your prayers.

Assuring you of my prayers and trusting to yours