Harbour Churches Newsletter 5th December


What would it be like to have a conversation with Jesus?  Would he be interesting, knowledgeable, a good listener?   I think he would be all of those things and much more.  He demonstrated a real interest and insight into the people to whom he spoke, and people’s lives were changed and enlivened as a result of encounters with him.

Advent is a time of anticipation and watching, looking for the coming of the King.  In Harbour Churches 10am services this Advent we will focus our talks on conversations that Jesus had with various people – these conversations will show us more about Jesus and ourselves and will help us to appreciate even more how Jesus’s birth on the first Christmas Day was a transformational event like no other.

Jesus’ conversations that will be explored in our sermons will include:

  • A conversation with Nicodemus, a ruler of the Jews – Susan Monks on 12th Dec
  • A conversation with two sisters at the grave of their brother – Bruce Holben on 19th Dec
  • A conversation with a woman at a well – Jonathan Swindells on 26th Dec

Conversation is one of the foundations of the friendships we develop as human beings – it can be informal as we share experiences, or more formal as we are brought together by events.  We can probably all identify conversations that have been formative or especially memorable and which have changed us.  Learning about how Jesus conversed may help you in your conversation with him.  I hope this series will be stimulating and encouraging.

Reverend Anthony Goddard