Harbour Churches Newsletter 12th September


Look what I was sent after last Sunday’s service! Isn’t it a most telling piece of wisdom from one of the great men of our modern age?

I don’t think I need to explain its significance…

The local church has got to learn how to embrace change. Bishop Martin, since coming to the Diocese, has made it clear that at the heart of church life there needs to be a commitment to growth – in number and in faith. Now he wouldn’t be saying that if everything was just fine and the way things were being done were leading to growth – I wont trouble with the statistics of decline…

Following this newsletter will come an attachment I need you to open, read and pray over. It captures all that we are engaged in to bring about growth and proposals to how we can continue to build on the momentum we have experienced over recent months – especially in how we worship.

Hold on to the hope that we don’t need to be the strongest or cleverest to survive – just that we may be enabled to manage the change that must happen if we are to grow.

In His light we see light