Good days and bad days – we all have them

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Dear Friends – Happy Easter

Good days and bad days – we all have them

The 9th May was a good day. Work went well and the ‘frogs in the box’ didn’t cause too many problems…

At about 5.30pm, I shut down my PC and Jane and I took Brynn for a stroll on a beautiful late spring evening. As we walked through West Wittering church yard (every bit ‘God’s acre’), I was stopped in my tracks by the sight of two men with shaved heads dressed in voluminous ochre robes, resting on the bench near the porch door.

I introduced myself as the Vicar (I was wearing shorts and a beach shirt). They introduced themselves as “Buddhist monks on a walking pilgrimage”. I could tell they were very religious because they were wearing sandals with socks…

They thanked me for having an open church in which “We spent an hour in prayer”. They were eating 85% black chocolate – a gift asking for alms in East Wittering. They had rucksacks, walking staff and sunhats but carried no purse…like someone else we know.

I thanked them for bringing the Buddha’s blessing and we went our separate ways.

Later, I went into the church and saw they had filled in the visitors’ book. I’d hope for some deep and meaningful comment but all they said was:

‘Thank you for making the space available’

…nothing more holy than that

In the generous way of Christ



As we walked on, Jane told me she had seen the feature on South Today about the afternoon bring ‘n share tea party hosted by Harbour Churches last Sunday for Ukrainian refugees and their host families – well over 75 came.

“Did they mention the church?” I asked.

“No” Jane said. “But it’s not about getting the glory but giving the glory”.

And we had a lovely walk. A good day.