God sent a rainbow for the Queen

Dear Friends

I’ve just been in a special assembly at one of our church primary schools. I was so impressed by the knowledge the children had of the Queen and Royal Family, and I was moved by the very real respect they held her in. They too, like the grown-ups, were very sad.

Just as the assembly was drawing to a close, the Headteacher asked the children if there was anything that they wanted to share. A little lad – he can’t have been older than eight – said that though we were all sad we mustn’t give up hope:

‘God sent a rainbow for the Queen, her family and all of us’

This is a time for mourning, but also as Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury said this morning on Thought for the Day, for hope:

‘In the Christian story of life, death and resurrection there is space for grief and uncertainty… but with God in Christ the final words are abundant life and fulfilled hope.

And in Her Majesty’s life we saw this and can be inspired’.

We will gather on Sunday in our grief but also in shared hope. There will be a special service of Holy Communion in a time of mourning in each of our village churches. Please see service details in the Sunday Services post.