Curiosity does not always kill the cat

Curiosity does not always kill the cat…

This Sunday’s gospel reading reminds us that there can be times when it just might bring a great blessing to have a look see

Jesus was and remains a figure of intrigue – ‘Who is this guy everyone is talking about?’

Andrew accepted the invitation to ‘have a look’ and had his personal epiphany. But it didn’t finish there…he went back to tell Simon Peter, his brother, to ‘come and see’.

I’m reminded of Bishop Martin’s charge:

“Do you feel you can say to someone ‘Come to church – you’ll love it!’”

Please be encouraged and embolden by the small but significant number of people who ‘come and see’ Harbour Churches at worship and find something they can love – or at least grow to love.

Let’s never underestimate what an intriguing and attractive bunch we are as we seek to be like Jesus – nor how curious so many people really are…

God bless you!