The Mother’s Union plans deliveries
Cecil briefs the waiting families

We have been appealing for funding to provide sacks of rice to keep the poorest families in Bo from starvation due to the lockdown created by Coronavirus out there which is spreading rapidly. With no safety net and no opportunity to work or to harvest allotments many are starving and just a small sack of rice (25kg) costing £12 will keep a family alive for a month. This appeal comes jointly from our Church and the Bo Committee and  all the money raised will be shared with the Church in Bo and St Paul’s Secondary School.

The Appeal has raised £4613 so far plus gift aid making a total of £5,328, which is an amazing response. £3,000 has gone out already and more will follow this week. Donations have slowed considerably however so we will be closing the appeal by the end of the month; however further donations will be still be sent out but combined with something else to amortise the transfer fees, and they will still be used to buy rice and delivered to the poorest families either by the Mother’s Union or the School. If you would still like to donate please either send a cheque to the Secretary, Bo School Appeal, 3 Elmstead Gdns, WW, PO20 8NG, or transfer money to the WWPCC (charity a/c) @ HSBC, 40-17-16 a/c 21831461 reference Bo Covid Appeal.

There has been huge gratitude from both school and church and I have received many pictures (see below – more are on the website ) from the head teacher Cecil Williams who said at the last distribution people were queueing up just to say thank you for your generosity.

Thank you from all of them and from us, your generosity is keeping many of the poorest people in the world alive.

Sponsored children receive sacks of rice for their families