The Kingdom of God is Within You!

It’s with real regret that we have now reached that point when we need to keep all our three churches closed. There are practical reasons for this as well as a growing sense of needing to give that clear message to respect this as the time when we are all to stay at home…

Of course, for many of us the parish church is our spiritual home – a building whose stones have been hallowed by generations of prayer: ‘You are here to kneel where prayer has been valid’.

In his poem ‘Little Gidding’, T.S. Elliot follows that line with these words…. ‘And prayer is more than an order of words…’.

These unprecedented times offer us new ways to reflect on our life of prayer and how we are to be at home spiritually. Jesus said:

“See – the Kingdom of God is within you.” Lk. 17.21

Not being able to ‘go out’ affords us the precious opportunity to ‘go in’ and discover what God’s kingdom is for us within us.

In the coming days we will be offering ways to help all of us explore God’s kingdom within…

With the assurance of my prayers