Spoil Sports Wanted!

Spoilsports are not popular because they are killjoys. But we are asking for Spoil Sports defined by Harbour Churches as, “People who sportingly and generously volunteer their time and muscle power to shift piles of surplus grave soil (spoil) in the churchyard”.  This may not sound very glitzy but it is a noble calling as it involves topping up sunken graves and making the surface flat, grassy and mowable.  This in turn is a comfort to bereaved relatives.  The spoil used frees the churchyard trees and walls from damaging accumulations of spoil.

Spoil Sports are needed in West Wittering churchyard on Saturday, October 23rd from 9.30am to 12 noon.  Moving spoil involves hard physical labour as some spoil contains flints and clay soil.  So this work is not suitable for volunteers with musculoskeletal or cardiac/respiratory problems.  However, lighter volunteering work will also be available as once they are topped up with spoil, the grave surfaces will need preparing for the sowing of grass seed, the final stage of Operation Spoil Sport.

If you would like to join this crack team of Spoil Sports or find out more about the work, please email Stella at stella.pendleton252@hotmail.co.uk or phone her on 01243 673470.

We will have two new builders’ wheelbarrows available and shovels, spades, forks and rakes. Please bring your own drinks; cake will be provided.