Prayer & Preaching 9th June

‘The Littles’ @

Discovering and celebrating children’s spirituality through joyful wonder and play.

For pre-school and primary aged children.

SUNDAY 9am – 9.30am followed by bacon butties!

1st Sunday: Little Nicks @ Itchenor Church
2nd Sunday: Little Witterings @ W. Wittering Church
3rd Sunday: Little Jimmies @ Birdham Church



This is a big deal! Do you know that at Deanery Synod last week we were told that annually 8.5% fewer children (0-16) attend church. By 2030 there will be no children. We know this is an area where all churches are finding it hard. We’re trying something new to us and are committed to discovering and celebrating children’s innate, God given spiritual lives. Pray for ‘The Littles’ – pray hard – really hard!


Holy Spirit, sent by the Father, ignite in us your holy fire; strengthen your children with the gift of faith, revive your Church with the breath of love, and renew the face of the earth, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

We continue to pray for:
Clemmie, Michael Palmer, Ellen Chapman, Kris Tippen, Jane Swindells Laura and Brian Price 

And those who have recently died and their loved ones:
Olive Strathspey

If you know of anyone who needs our prayers or would appreciate a visit, please let the Rector or the Parish Administrator know.

Should you wish to contact the Rector his mobile number is 07538 011579.

Services for this weekend
8.00 BCP Holy Communion at West Wittering

At the main service at Birdham (9.30am) Sarah Manouch’s sermon theme will be  ‘Who made Shaun?’ At West Wittering (9.00) Jonathan Swindells’ sermon theme for Little Witterings will be and at 10.00 his sermon theme will be.  At Itchenor (11.00) Jim Mould’s sermon theme will be ‘Babel reversed! It’s good to talk!’

Sunday 9th June
Whit Sunday
Acts 2. 1-21; John 14. 8-17 (25-27)
Acts 2. 1-11; St John 14. 15-31a
Exodus 33. 7-20; 2 Corinthians 3. 4-end

Sunday 16th June
Trinity Sunday
Proverbs 8. 1-4, 22-31; John 16. 12-15
Revelations 4. 1-11; John 3. 1-15
Exodus 3. 1-15; John 3. 1-17