‘Trouble is’, said the Bishop,
 ‘we’ve given them concrete shoes and then asked them to dance…’

That’s not a quote from our Bishop, but one I heard years ago from a gnarly old Bishop holed up in deepest, darkest Dorset. Our Bishop, Martin, had a fine time with us last Sunday. He preached profoundly yet directly – without notes – comparing and contrasting the image of a well as a source of life and focus of community, with that of the work and witness of the living church.

I’d want to go further and think about our life being like the spring water that freely and joyfully bubbles up, flowing where it will in sparkling streams as it dances along its course.

Bishop Martin repeatedly returned to the work of the church bringing healing and wholeness to all that is hurting and broken – locally, nationally and internationally. He spoke courageously of the church as a community of virtue capable of being what so many of the broken institutions of national life seem incapable of.

From Sunday 9th June, Harbour Churches will be offering a service of Wholeness and Healing. Whilst it will offer opportunities for personal anointing and laying on of hands, it will also offer us the opportunity to renew the witness of the church in terms of our calling to be like streams of living water flowing through the barren places and bringing life. The worship we will offer will reflect this heart-centred service and will be a vital element of what we believe can be a truly transformative and Spirit led time of worship and witness.

Of course, water itself has so much healing power. It cleanses, it lubricates and, given time, it can gently wear away all that calcifies and inhibits our freedom of expression. Are we wearing concrete shoes. Are we finding it hard to dance? Throughout June we will be offering this prayerful song – I sense we may need to sing often and freely:

Let Your living water flow over my soul,
Let your Holy Spirit come and take control,
Of every situation that has troubled my mind,
All my cares and burdens on to you I roll…


Risen Christ, by the lakeside you renewed your call to your disciples: help your Church to obey your command and draw the nations to the fire of your love, to the glory of God the Father.  Amen

We continue to pray for:
Clemmie, Michael Palmer, Ellen Chapman, Kris Tippen, Jane Swindells and Laura 

And those who have recently died and their loved ones:
Michael Watts

If you know of anyone who needs our prayers or would appreciate a visit, please let the Rector or the Parish Administrator know.

Should you wish to contact the Rector his mobile number is 07538 011579.

Services for this weekend
8.00 BCP Holy Communion at West Wittering and Birdham

At the main service at Birdham (9.30am) Eric Eyre’s sermon theme will be “Everybody’s Welcome”.  At West Wittering (9.30) Bruce Holben’s sermon theme will be “A jewell encrusted city or a loving home?”.  At Itchenor (11.00) Jim Mould’s sermon theme will be “How has God healed you? How did it change your life?”

There will be Evensong at 6.00 on Sunday at West Wittering and Michael Chater’s sermon theme will be“ Rising above…. “

Ascension Day Dawn Service 30.05.19 West Wittering at 6.30am.

Sunday 26th May
Sixth Sunday of Easter
Rogation Sunday
Acts 16. 9-15; Revelations 21. 10, 22-22.5; John 5. 1-9
James 1. 22-end; John 16. 23b-33
Zephaniah 3. 14-end; Matthew 28. 1-10, 16-end

Sunday 2nd June
Sunday after Ascension Day
Acts 16. 16-34; Revelations 22. 12-14; John 17. 20-end
1 Peter 4. 7-11; John 15. 26-16.4a
Isaiah 44. 1-8; Ephesians 4. 7-16;