John Lewis’ Excitable Edgar can mean only one thing – Christmas is coming!

Commercialism is, sadly, part of a modern Christmas, which seems to start earlier and earlier each year in our shops. But there is hope!

In an instant gratification world, where for many of us chocolate is an everyday staple rather than an occasional treat, yes, the Christmas Selection Box is still special, and still going strong.

In a world where the unsophisticated and simple are frowned upon, all ages from 1 – 100 still want a piece of card to hang on their wall, yes, the Advent Calendar is still special, and still going strong!

Simple joys, the selection box, the advent calendar, carols and candlelight, are to me the true sign that Christmas is coming, and that starts in Advent with CHRISTINGLE! Oranges, candles, sweets, ribbon, on their own they are tasty or beautiful but put them together, with carols and prayers, community and joy, and you have something special.

Advent is a time of unwrapping, of preparing for the coming of the light of the world, and that light is at the heart of what we do, of what we believe, of what we are.

In West Wittering and Birdham churches, on Sunday 1st December, at 4pm, you can experience the true meaning of preparing, of celebrating the light, the hope, and the joy.

Come and see, come and sing, come and bring your children and grandchildren, the light of the world is coming and we are preparing.

There will be a retiring collection for the work of The Children’s Society at both services.

Rev Sarah

God the Father, help us to hear the call of Christ the King and to follow in his service, whose kingdom has no end; for he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit, one God, one glory. Amen

We continue to pray for:
Clemmie, Ellen Chapman, Kris Tippen, Robert Bowen-Colthurst, Tony Johnson and Gerard

And those who have recently died and their loved ones:
Veronica Sochall

We pray for Hebe Talbot on her baptism at St Nicholas on Sunday

If you know of anyone who needs our prayers or would appreciate a visit, please let the Rector or the Parish Administrator know.

Should you wish to contact the Rector his mobile number is 07538 011579.

Services for this weekend
8.00 BCP Holy Communion at West Wittering and Birdham

At Birdham (9.30) Eric Eyre’s sermon theme will be “Another fine mess I have got myself into”. At West Wittering 10.00 Sarah Manouch’s sermon theme will be ‘Preparation is everything’ and at Itchenor Michael Chater’s sermon theme will be ‘The Qualities of Kingship’ 

Centering Prayer 6.00 St James Centre, Birdham

Sunday 24th November – Christ the King
Luke 1. 68-79; Colossians 1. 11, 12-20; Psalm 46. Vs 1, 2-11
Colossians 1. 13-20; John 6. 5-14

Sunday 1st December – Advent Sunday
Isaiah 2. 1-5; Romans 13. 11-end; Matthew 24. 36-44
Romans 13. 8-end; Matthew 21. 1-13
Isaiah 52. 1-12; Matthew 24. 15-28