Prayer & Preaching 11th August

Saturday 3rd August, El Paso, Andre and Jordon Anchondo decide to go to Walmart shopping.
On the same day, in the same place, Patrick Crusius decides to go to Walmart to kill.

We may feel challenged to ask why did God let this happen? Because God’s greatest gift, after He gave himself on the cross, is free will. The gift of independence of thought, and of action, to humankind

Patrick Crusius used his free will, his independence, to kill. Gilbert Anchondo, used his free will to forgive his son’s killer, because he has faith, because he trusts, because he believes.

What do you do with your free will, your independence? Do you forgive, understand, pray? Do you thank God you have freedom to vote, or lament the result? Do you thank God you have freedom of speech, or lament what others say? Do you thank God you have freedom to worship, or lament the style?

Free will, Freedom, Independence, they are God’s gift to us, and with His Son’s help, we can use them well, use them in faith, use them for God’s glory.
Rev Sarah

Lord God, your Son left the riches of heaven and became poor for our sake; when we prosper save us from pride, when we are needy save us from despair, that we may trust in you alone; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen

We continue to pray for:
Clemmie, Michael Palmer, Ellen Chapman, Kris Tippen, Debbie, Robert Bowen-Colthurst and Danise Rosales

And those who have recently died and their loved ones:
Joan Deverell and John Guard

If you know of anyone who needs our prayers or would appreciate a visit, please let the Rector or the Parish Administrator know.

Should you wish to contact the Rector his mobile number is 07538 011579.

Services for this weekend
8.00 BCP Holy Communion at West Wittering

At Birdham (9.30am) Sarah Manouch’s sermon theme will be ‘Decluttering – good for the soul’.  At West Wittering (10.00) Bruce Holben’s sermon theme will be “If you had a metal detector, where would you start looking?”  At Itchenor (11.00) Sarah Manouch’s sermon theme will be ‘If I’d known you were coming…’

Sunday 11th August
Eighth Sunday after Trinity
Genesis 15. 1-6; Hebrews 11. 1-3, 8-16; Luke 12. 32-40
Romans 8. 12-17; Matthew 7. 15-21

Sunday 18th August
Commemoration of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Isaiah 61.10, 11; Galatians 4. 4-7; Luke 1. 46-55
BCP – 9th Sunday after Trinity
1 Corinthians 10. 1-13; Luke 15. 11-end
Isaiah 28. 9-22; 2 Corinthians 8. 1-9