News from St James

Lots of exciting things happening at St. James (and at all the Littles) – we made bread last Sunday with a goodly Godly Play crowd and the parable of the leaven. Indeed the bread did rise! Lots of other signs: Polly Meynell’s amazing designs for our Chancel and the new altar kneeler cushions as a community art projectI All very exciting BUT we still only have 25% of the church family contributing to the Parish Giving Scheme and we need to make it 100%. It doesn’t matter if you don’t pay Tax it is still very helpful for our busy treasurer Katie and if you do pay tax we get that extra 25% as well. Please DO CONSIDER filling in the forms. The leaven is being added to our daily bread, we are seeing growth but we need YOUR help! Please speak to Susan for help to fill in the form!