Mid Week Sofa Service

Dear Friends

We are aware that lockdown is continuing for another period and that for some of you being shielded, the situation may continue till the end of June.

We think it might be helpful to have a mid week Sofa Service in the form of a short Meditation using some of the ‘Big Questions’ that people are asking like ‘Where is God in this Coronavirus world?’ Look out for the link which will come on Wednesdays.

Susan has prepared a short meditation based on “Make me a channel of your peace” looking at suffering and how God can help us in our suffering and how we can bring God’s peace to help others.

On the 29th April Eric Eyre will be answering your questions and concerns with Jonathan. We will confirm exact details of how this is to happen early next week including the link/invitation. Please send your questions to Jonathan by Friday so we can plan the meditations. 

We hope these will continue to give you food for faith’s and keep us all connected though we are socially distanced. Who would have thought God would find ways to use digital technology? Back in the days of the Reformation who would have thought God could use the printing press so effectively? Our God uses our creative imagination as Justin Welby said in his Easter address, so let us look and listen with Easter eyes as we make our pilgrim journey.