Measures in response to the lifting of Covid restrictions

Measures in response to the lifting of Covid restrictions

The following measures are put in place by the Incumbent following discussions with Churchwardens and other interested parties. They have been informed by three key factors:

  1. Church of England House of Bishop’s Recovery Group for Covid

Published guidance requires each church to make an informed decision on how they respond to the lifting of restrictions based on a range of consideration and, importantly, local factors e.g. H&S, location, size of church etc. It emphasises having a particular care for the well-being of those the church serves. For more details see: CofE Covid Guidance

  1. Health and Safety (H&S) Regulations

The church is legally required to ensure the safety and well-being of all workers, volunteers, ‘customers’ and congregations. This requirement recognises the ongoing threat of Covid infection. For more detail see: Health and Safety relating to Covid

  1. Local infection risks

The Chichester area is presently a ‘high risk’ (red) area for infection. Additionally, our location as a popular tourist destination will result in significant numbers of younger people (who are recognised as a particular source of infection), visiting the area and/or staying with family locally.


8am Services of Holy Communion

  • Mask wearing and social distancing (1metre +) will continue as before, and all attending should complete the ‘track and trace’ sign in.
  • Hand sanitising will continue.
  • Holy Communion will be offered without wine (bread only).
  • It will no longer be a requirement to book in for these services.

10am Outdoor One Church Service – to continue until October 21

  • Wearing of masks and 1 metre+ social distancing will not be required. Congregations will be encouraged to seat themselves with a generous distance between other worshippers.
  • Hymn singing will continue.

Occasional Offices (Baptism, Marriage and Funerals/Memorial Services)

  • For Baptisms and Funerals/Memorials, mask wearing, social distancing (1metre+) and hand sanitising will be required. Seating plans and ‘track and trace’ will also be required.
  • For Weddings, the couple (following a pastoral conversation with the Rector), will choose whether they wish to wear masks and have no social distancing or not wear masks but have social distancing. Hymn singing will be discouraged.

Rector – Jonathan R Swindells