Is this you….?

I don’t understand….
I don’t believe what you believe…..
I’m not the right sort…..
Yes? Well we all feel like that sometimes, ALL of us.

Confirmation is a commitment to a personal, ongoing, life long relationship WITH God, IN faith, THROUGH worship, through ‘Being Christian’.
God knows we’ll never be perfect, never be complete, because we are human, but he loves us anyway.

You may say ‘I want to be confirmed’,
you may say ‘not yet’,
you may say ‘no’,
but you’ll never know the answer if you don’t ask yourself the question!

For the kids –
Saturday 5th October and 9th November
9am – 11am

For the adults
Wednesday 2nd Oct, 16th Oct, 6th Nov and 20th Nov
7pm – 8.30pm

For more info and to book your place speak to the Rector, Jonathan, or Rev Sarah.