You may have read in last week’s newsletter about Harbour Groups.  This note is to give you more detail in the hope that you will add this to the things you are going to “give a try to” in this unusual time.

Why are you setting up these groups?
The aim of these groups is to provide an opportunity for Christian fellowship for those who are missing it during this period of lockdown.

Who are they for?
The intention is that they should be open to anyone who worships at one of the Harbour Churches, and to others wanting to join who are looking for Christian fellowship.

What form will they take?
A group should ideally be 8 +/- 2 people.  Each group should decide for themselves what format, timing, and frequency but they should include:

  1. Use the thought/prayer/bible reading recommended by the Ministry Team.
  2. Include a time of prayer for each other or share prayer needs for later.
  3. Each group should be open to new members and if too large, to be willing to split.

A possible format could be:

  • Introductions (first meeting)
  • Catch-up on how everyone is
  • Any prayer requests
  • Share thought/prayer/bible reading (see above)
  • Pray (silently or out loud) or finish saying the Grace together

The ‘meeting’ would take place on Zoom and the duration is limited to the maximum 40 minutes allowed free of charge on Zoom.  They could be daytime or evening groups as the groups prefers.

Will each group need a leader?
Each group should as far as possible be self-guiding.  It will be necessary to have someone who acts as the contact point for communication, and some groups may value having someone who guides the meeting…it should be very light touch, but might include getting discussions going, reading or asking someone to read the thought/prayer/bible reading and they would need to set up the Zoom meeting.  These roles could be shared.

Support will be available to help people work Zoom.

Which group should you join?
We hope there will be groups in each of our villages and linked to each of churches.  If you have a strong preference to be local or to be linked to the church where you worship, please advise us.

Who do I contact?
Please e-mail me, Anthony Goddard, on

Anthony Goddard