Harbour Churches Sofa Service & Littles 20th September

Harbour Churches Sofa Service : ‘The labourer is worthy of his hire…’

Our Sofa Service opens with the song ‘Way Maker’ performed by Life Worship. It’s a song which powerfully reminds us that we are called to walk in ‘The Way’ of Jesus – the one who makes a way for all to come to know the Father’s love and be welcomed into God’s Kingdom.

In the Gospel reading from Matthew 20. 1-16 we hear ‘The Parable of the Workers’ in which Jesus teaches on the radical extent to which God values all his children and especially those whom socio – economic systems too easily leave behind or under value.  We reflect on the impact Covid-19 has had on employers and employees alike, and especially those who have to take time off work for sickness or quarantine and have to live off the Statutory Sick Pay of just £95.85 per week.

The service ends with the song ‘Beauty for Brokenness’ written and performed by Graham Kendrick.

In our prayers we hold before God Anthony Goddard who will be ordained by Bishop Martin this coming Wednesday and all those who are called to be ministers of the good news of God’s Kingdom. Please continue to prayer for Anthony, Caroline and their family at this very special time.

We continue to pray for Clive, Anne-Marie, Derrick, Angela and Derek and Mark, Judy, Judith, Stella and Rosamond.

And we give thanks for the life of Sue Keeler.

Harbour Churches ‘Littles’ Service : ‘Like a sunflower…’

Susan leads another very special ‘Littles’ Sofa Service reflecting on a flower that doesn’t get a mention in the Bible but has so much to teach us about how we  – like the sunflower – can shine bright with the Good News!