Harbour Churches Sofa Service and Littles 14th March

Sofa Service : The Madonna of Scoundrels

Today’s Mothering Sunday Sofa service explores the idea of Mary as the ‘Madoona of Scoundrels’ as a challenging last week is considered in the light of the gospel of John 19. 25-27.

The chant ‘Ave Maria’ composed by the 12th century mystic Hildegard of Bingen opens the service, and we close with the hymn ‘My Song is Love Unknown’ sung by the choir of Kings College Cambridge.

Harbour Churches continue to prayer for Angie Portlock, Anne-Marie, Charlie Gray, Carrie Goddard, Gay and Stella Boyse, baby Elijah and Eloise.

We commend to God’s gracious keeping those who have died, praying for Lorraine Ellis, Kari McKercher, John Holmes and John Martin Daws-Chew

The Collect for Mothering Sunday:

God of love,
passionate and strong,
tender and careful:
watch over us and hold us
all the days of our life;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Littles Service

Littles Lent 4