Harbour Churches Sofa Service 22nd November

Harbour Churches Sofa Service : ‘Christ the King’

Today’s Sofa Service celebrates ‘Christ the King’ and opens with the traditional hymn ‘The King of Love my Shepherd is’ sung by the contemporary worship group, Koine.

We welcome to the sofa a new arrival to the Rectory – Brynn… an eight week old Bedlington Terrier and a little furry bundle of love!

The gospel story of the Sheep and the Goats from Matthew 25. 31 – 46, challenges us to consider the extent to which we are truly subject to the King of Love’s command to serve the ‘least of these brothers and sisters of mine’. What might that mean for us here and now? We share the inspirational story of John Harper, a Baptist minister who demonstrated that intentional, extravagant and unconditional love of Christ on the sinking Titanic .

The news of a new vaccine for Covid is such an encouragement, but have we considered that 80% of available vaccines have already been bought by the 14% wealthiest nations – leaving the other 76% with just 20% of available vaccines? Could we, should we, as a nation love like Christ and put those ’least’ 76% before ourselves – like John Harper – like Christ?

The service ends with another great traditional hymn performed by the contemporary worship leader Chris Rice – but you’ll just need to listen to the last few minutes on the following video…. More technical high jinks!

Please continue to pray for:

Judy Page, Clive Yeomans, Angela Portlock, Stella Boyse,  Charlie Gray, Caroline Goddard, Anne – Marie, Derrick Pope, Clive Loseby, John Steadman, Julian Kennedy-Cook, baby Rupert, mum Katie and dad Sam.

God the Father,
help us to hear the call of Christ the King
and follow in his service,
whose kingdom has no end;
for he reigns with you and the Holy Spirit,
one God, one glory