Harbour Churches Sofa Service 11th October


Harbour Churches Sofa Service : ‘Gifted and Gifting’

This week we celebrate Harvest Festival on the Sofa Service – something we would never have considered back in March! The service opens with the song from the musical Godspell ‘All good gifts’ performed by the New Broadway Cast.

In another challenging Gospel reading from Matthew 12. 1-14 we hear how in the new order of God’s kingdom those who might have expected to be invited to a great celebration find that they can’t accept the invitation and that God will welcome all sorts – both the good and the bad alike!

Through the amazing story of a 91 year old lady who has knitted a whole hospital complex to raise money for her local hospital, we reflect on what shapes our lives and on fours A’s:

A ccept we are all vulnerable people living in a vulnerable world
A dapt We have to be open to change and live our life differently.
A nticipate do not lose hope there will be a better tomorrow
A ppreciate we need to be grateful for what we do have and not to focus upon what we do not have.

The traditional harvest hymn ‘Come, ye thankful people come’ sung by the Cathedral Choral Society ends our time of harvest celebration.

We continue to pray by name for Clive, Judy, Margaret, Dereck Angela and Stuart, Anne-Marie, Stella, Rosamond, Stella, Susan and baby Rupert and mum Katie and dad Sam.

We give thanks the rich harvest of those whom we have loves but see no longer as we pray in thanksgiving for the lives of John Parfoot, John Ascoli, Martin Gillot and Sheila Fitzmaurice.

The Collect for Harvest

Creator God,
you made the goodness of the land,
the riches of the sea
and the rhythm of the seasons;
as we thank you for the harvest,
may we cherish and respect
this planet and its peoples,
through Jesus Christ our Lord.