Harbour Churches Pentecost Zoom Celebration

Harbour Churches Pentecost Zoom Celebration

Over sixty participants shared in the first Zoom gathering of the Harbour Churches family as we celebrate
‘Living Faith in Lock down’.

The new ways we have discovered to be the church were shared by individuals as they witnessed to their experience of living faith. We ended with the amazing ‘UK Blessing’!

We are sensitive of the privacy of those who participated, and it isn’t possible at this time for us to make the service available on our
YouTube ‘Harbour Churches Sofa Service’ channel.

Wednesday Meditation

For this week’s meditation, we’re delighted to welcome Revd. Jim Mould to the sofa as we reflect on how disadvantaged groups in our society and beyond have experienced life during a time of pandemic.

The issues addressed will no doubt be controversial but, with the events we see unfolding in the States and closer to home, it is urgent that those who claim to follow Jesus encounter how too many are denied the fullness of life experienced by others.

The live link will be available Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.