Harbour Churches Newsletter 5th September

Dear Friends

It was such an encouragement to share together in worship last Sunday and to hear from others how much they are appreciating our Sunday morning services. Someone said to me after the service, “Something is really happening”. Do you sense that? What is that ‘something’?

Last week I introduced our focus for September and October – ‘the Healing Pattern’. This is based on the insights of Richard Rohr and what he calls ‘the Wisdom Pattern’. Whilst to our Anglican ears it may sound a little whacky, I do think it can help us to appreciate the something which is really happening…

The premise is pretty simple. If we want to move toward something better, more fulfilling and more in line with Gospel values in our world, we have to look carefully at where we are (order), identify the things that don’t work (disorder) and then create something new (reorder). But as Richard Rohr points out, our inclination is to avoid step two – disorder – and move too quickly to step three, reorder. But as Christians, we already know that it is not as easy as that. We simply cannot get to the Resurrection without first experiencing and embracing the Crucifixion.

I’ve continued to reflect and pray on what this might mean and came across a striking quote from Fr. Rohr:

“Every age has its pain… and spirituality, in its best sense, is about what we do with our pain.”

This Sunday we will begin to focus on how the healing pattern can help us grow and mature spiritually, as we reflect on what we do with our pain and the pain of others.  We will meet again with the woman who, in her pain, reached out to touch the cloak of Christ (Mark 5 25-34). We are blessed that Eric will preach from this telling – and timeless – story of real human suffering.

I’m also conscious that for many of us this is a personally challenging aspect of our walk of faith. If you feel you would like to be more closely companioned in that walk, please do contact any member of the ministry team. We are all in this together… that’s what ‘church’ is for.

Assuring you of my prayers and trusting to yours