Harbour Churches Newsletter 30th April

Do you remember about 5 yrs ago there was a craze over toys called transformers. They were really very clever and could change into all sorts of different things with just a few turns of the toy and a few clicks to lock it all into place. Well you might have seen an advert recently using the same technology, about a super hero who transforms into a yellow VW shaped car which rushes to the rescue of a ‘damsel in distress’, then it hits traffic and becomes an aeroplane and flies over the top of it all, then over a level crossing etc etc until it reaches the scene of the accident and makes another miraculous transformation into a super hero only to discover, biggest miracle of all, that the insurance company had got to the damsel first!
Well Transform is the theme of this weeks zoom service as part 4 of our 5 T’s programme, and its not about toys or super heros, but it IS about helping people in distress, the poor, oppressed and/or marginalised, and about speaking out about the injustices which may have caused that distress.
Transforming lives – helping people who cannot help themselves, supporting those who are desperate, offering hope to people who think they have no hope; that is what ‘Transform’ seeks to do, and there are many good examples of such work, internationally, nationally and within our harbour parishes. We will look at examples, we will talk about ways we can help, we will seek your support within a ‘Transform’ group of like-minded people; and most importantly, we will ask God’s help to transform us because he hasn’t finished the job yet, and part of that transformation involves helping others turn their lives around.
Come to this Sunday’s Zoom service and find out more, and how you might like to get involved yourself. Remember that little word called LOVE which has such a huge meaning and which helps us grow in God’s image, the image of the one who is love. We want it to be life-changing for those to whom we provide the life-line, and it could quite easily be lifechanging for us too. 10 am this Sunday could be the start of something really good, something which could really make a difference.
Revd Bruce

Harbour Churches Worship
‘being good news’

We continue to offer Covid secure 8am Holy Communion (BCP) at St Nicholas, Itchenor and St Peter and St Paul, West Wittering. Please book for these services.

Itchenor : Jane Oundjian 07802244445 janeoundjian@me.com
West Wittering : Stella Pendleton 01243 673470 stella.pendleton252@hotmail.co.uk

We will continue to gather online for live worship via Zoom at 10am each Sunday.

Please be aware that services will be recorded with a view to publishing via Youtube, Facebook and our newsletter. By joining the service you agree to participating in this recording. With this in mind you might prefer to join as audio only.

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The ‘Sofa Service’ will be available again next weekend and morning and night prayer is also available for anyone who wishes to join daily or occasionally.

a simple celebration of morning prayer EASTER

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This week at West Wittering Jonathan will lead worship and Bruce will preach. We continue to pray for:

Stella Boyse, Carrie Goddard, Charlie Gray, Anne Yeomans, Eloise and baby Elijah – and we thank God for the life of Jo Coram-Wright.

The shorter Collect for this Sunday:

Risen Christ
your wounds declare your love for the world
and the wonder of your risen life:
give us compassion and courage
to risk ourselves for those we serve,
to the glory of God the Father


Parish Office Closure

The Parish Office will be closed for compassionate leave as Clare must visit her mother in Ireland. Hopefully she will be back to reopen on Tuesday 11th May.  In the meantime there will be no Sofa Service this weekend.  Links to all the online services are above and on the website.