Harbour Churches Newsletter 25th April

“tend, tender, tendency, tenderly, tenderness, tender-hearted, legal tender, tendentious, tendon, tendril”

Wow, what a lot of words, what a lot of meanings and what they all derive from is the word Teinein in Greek to STRETCH. So be prepared to be stretched this Sunday!

Our Mission in Harbour Churches is to be ‘Good News’ and we are looking at the 5 ’T’s  and mine is TEND.

Think of our Harbour Churches as a weaving loom, we are the warp, the threads held top and bottom into which we weave the weft or the woof. To make up the glorious fabric of our lives, rich with colours, textures, different threads, we need to go out, beyond ourselves, beyond our church family groups which provide the faithful warp of our message and encourage new threads to be woven across the life of  Harbour Churches to enrich and grow.

How do we do this? We follow our Good Shepherd, Jesus, we TEND our flock. Our faithful congregations praying for those in need, caring for others, contributing to significant charities, welcoming newcomers to worship are all part of how we TEND. Can we stretch ourselves even more? Can we stretch TEND to LOVE? John 10.11-18

Good News is all about tending, loving our God and ourselves, and our neighbours, and our world.

Dr Susan Monks
Licensed Reader