Rooted in Jesus’ mission to bring life in all its fulness, Harbour Churches seeks after human flourishing and growth in Christ for all who share in the life of the church or who are served by it.


I just wanted to share this wonderful photograph with you.

Can you spot the Vicar? Well, he’s not a Vicar but he is, to give him his formal title, ‘The Most Reverend Justin Welby, by Divine Providence Lord Archbishop of Canterbury, Primate of All England and Metropolitan’!

And whose the little lad… ? It’s Elijah for whom we have been faithfully praying – and by his side is Sophie, his Mum.

Elijah has just had an operation at Guy’s and St Thomas’ to create a feeding point so that he can hopefully gain weight and strength. Many of you will know that during this time of pandemic, Justin has joined the chaplaincy team at Tommy and Guys, and he met with Elijah and Mum on his rounds.

Sophie was bowled over by such a special visit. She said the Archbishop was so approachable and genuinely caring.  He prayed for Elijah and the family and even sang to Elijah! He then gave him a blessing. Sophie said that Elijah ‘was mesmerised by him’! Sophie told Justin that Harbour Churches were praying for Elijah and that we will offer him a special service of baptism as soon as he is home. Justin said that was wonderful!

As we continue to reflect on Nurture, I hope we can celebrate and be encouraged by all the ways in which we, as a church family, are rooted in the mission of Jesus. We are a church which, through faithful prayer and pastoral care, are not only bringing real healing and hope but are connecting people to the love of God in Christ Jesus.

This Sunday, Susan will continue to explore the characteristic of ‘nurture’. Last week we heard Anthony preach on Nurture and were reminded that we are in ‘the fruit business’! This week Susan’s sermon is on nurture from the cradle to the grave and is about ‘the travel business’! We very much hope that we can now have music as part of Sunday’s Zoom service – join us to sing “Bread of Heaven’ as we worship God in our virtual church.

Link to Sunday’s Zoom Service

The season of Lent is now only a few weeks away. There will be a recorded Taizé style service for Ash Wednesday filmed in the Upper Room of the St James Centre. We are also planning to offer Lent groups across the congregations of Harbour Churches and beyond! (Details coming soon).

We need no reminder how much we have all relied of the practice of faithful prayer over this time of pandemic. This Lent we will be refreshing our life of prayer in following a course based on a book that has been described as ‘an instant spiritual classic’:

Local boy Pete Greig is an award-winning author and founded the 24/7 Prayer movement. He describes the book as ‘a simple guide for normal people’. I guess that’s you, me and –  thank God – even The Archbishop of Canterbury.

Bless you for your faithfulness.