There has been a lot of talk about freedom over the past year, freedoms we have lost through this pandemic and the restrictions  of lockdown. I hear echoes of “Let my people go” and of course we have been made very aware of the injustices that have existed with minority groups unable to be as ‘free’ as we are in the culture of our privileged society. The music of the slaves, the spirituals and gospel songs tell of the struggles for freedom which still, sadly, have not been fully resolved. And daily we hear the news from Russia, Myanmar, China, Yemen where people do not have the freedoms we enjoy. And do we want to continue to have the freedom to destroy our planet, surely the birdsong and clean air have reminded us that our world is precious and needs protecting from our consumerism and plastic?

But what about us… waiting to hear from the government on Monday about when our freedoms will be returned. When will I get to see my family, my loved ones?  When will schools reopen? When can I go to the pub? When can I go on holiday?

One thing that has struck me over the past year is one curious blessing which has been my ‘freedom’ to think and pray and be, even though I am confined to home. I have luxuriated in this freedom even though I have sadly missed so many other things. God-given freedom to live my life to the full because of His love for me is an irreplaceable gift. Remember we in Harbour Churches are celebrating the characteristic of Freedom that we share, freedom to worship, to praise God, freedom to pray without fear of persecution, I can’t wait to hear Eric’s message on Sunday so please join us as we Zoom at 10am.

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