“I am the true vine and my father is the vinegrower” John 15.1

Nurture – What happened to the boy who would not eat his vegetables?

Sustaining your faith can be hard.  What has nurtured your faith in the past?  What might help to nurture your faith in the coming months?  These are questions that members of the Harbour Groups have been thinking about in the last couple of weeks; I shall refer to their responses in my sermon in the Zoom service this Sunday…and I may tell you what happened to the boy who would not eat his vegetables – don’t miss it!  Following our series of talks last month on Hospitality, we are now focusing on Nurture as the second characteristic for Harbour Churches, which will enable us to fulfil our vision of “Being Good News” in our community.

Nurture of people’s faith leads to those people nurturing others – there was a very positive article in one of the Saturday supplements which highlighted how parish churches all over the country, urban and rural, have responded to the challenges of the pandemic.  The provision of on-line opportunities for worship and fellowship is one aspect and it has also been evident in serving their communities – such as reaching out to the lonely, providing foodbanks and supporting key workers – just as we have.   The aim of nurture is that we become channels for God’s grace.

Our series started with Eric Eyres last weekend on the PPE of Nurture– the Presence of Christ in our lives, Prayer to sustain us, and Encouragement through the word of God and tears of compassion.  There are so many ways in which we can nurture others, spiritually or practically and it will be exciting to hear the ideas that emerge and how we can put them into practice both now and when life returns to normal.

In the meantime, take advantage of the opportunities available to nurture your faith:

  • Join the Zoom service this Sunday at 10am (Link below)
  • Join Morning Prayer (8am Mon-Fri)  or Evening Prayer (9pm every evening)
  • Find out about a Harbour Group by contacting CurateAnthony@gmail.com

Make sure you are nurtured to enable you to nurture!  I hope to see you on a screen somewhere soon.

Reverend Anthony

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