Harbour Churches Newsletter 15th August

Even the dogs…

“Technology is great – when it works!” Of course, when it doesn’t we blame the technology!?!

I’ve come back from holiday to a few technical blips. Techy gadgets etc etc do nothing for me – I really would prefer a phone on a cable with a dial.

Well, what I’d prefer and what is required/expected of a contemporary clergyman in performing his duties are not the same thing. Whether I like it or not I have to learn how to make the gadgets work – I recognise that when they don’t it’s more likely than not my fault….

And so it is, that I am having major difficulties uploading this week’s Sofa Service – a technological meltdown no less. Ironically, in the service, Jane and I reflect on the story from Matt. 15. 21-28 and how Jesus, through the encounter with the Canaanite women, has to learn something new – and I suspect very difficult – about the incredible scope of God’s healing grace and power – how in its abundance it is to be made available by Jesus in His ministry to all people.

Like us, Jesus was himself a disciple, learning on the way to his heavenly Father – the God of love. In these uncertain times when our journey of faith is being tested we need to hold onto that fact – that we are just learners… like Jesus.

Now I’m going to keep working on learning how to upload the Sofa Service – agh – prayers please!

In today’s collect we are encouraged to keep on trying and not to lose hope…

Lord of heaven and earth,
as Jesus taught his disciples to be persistent in prayer,
give us patience and courage never to lose hope,
but always to bring our prayers before you;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.

As we offer this prayer we pray for Derrick, Clive, Anne-Marie, Dereck and Angela, Judy, Judith and Margaret.