Harbour Churches Newsletter 10th January

” You cannot go round it, you cannot go over it you cannot crawl under it –  
you have to go through it”.

As we enter this critical third lockdown and move our worship ‘on-line’ with the suspension of in-person gatherings, we are all having to put our trust in the One who is our true strength and hope.

Let’s continue to be encouraged – and strengthened, by sharing in all that’s available to us on-line. This Sunday we will be having the first of our weekly Zoom services for all of Harbour Churches. Please do try to join. If you need help with the ‘tecky’ stuff, please let us know and we can offer support. Here is the live link:

Harbour Churches Zoom Service 10am Sunday 10th January

Eric, who will be preaching this Sunday on the theme of ‘Nurture’, wrote this in his latest blog. I thought we should all read it:

Did you read about it? 106 year old Ann Baker was awarded an M.B.E. in the Queens Honours List for her continuing money raising efforts during the pandemic lockdown for the N.S.P.C.C. In the words of Frank Sinatra ‘You Make me Feel so Young’, but certainly inspired we can be creative and help others even as we have entered a third lockdown.

I remember almost 10 months ago on the 18th March sitting in a side ward in the hospital when Covid patients were being admitted to the ward. I thought I would send a short blog to our walking group ‘The Birdham Amblers’. In it I wrote, ‘We are living through unprecedented times. We need an anchor in stormy times. For many of us our anchors are found in friends, family and faith’.

I thought my time would be taken up by caring for Margaret, the home and garden but the blogs have been a great opportunity to connect with people going through lonely and some distressing times; there have been opportunities through zoom and by phone to listen and share.

I have been thinking about St. Paul who spent many years in prisons but used the time to write his many letters to Churches which has brought us such great teaching. Towards the end of his life imprisoned in Rome he asked Timothy to bring his cloak, his scrolls and his parchments. (2Timothy c4v12.)

He carried on his work, he said he was ‘an ambassador in chains’. (Ephesians c6v20.)

We read once when in prison with his companion Silas they prayed and sang hymns at midnight and all the prisoners heard it. There was a great earthquake and they were freed to carry on the work of sharing the gospel. (Acts c16v25.)

As we face this challenging year how can we use the opportunity to think creatively and to help and support other people who are going through hard times ? Michael Rosen author and poet after suffering with the virus and almost losing his life said, ” You cannot go round it, you cannot go over it you cannot crawl under it – you have to go through it”.

We will get through it with God’s help and His anchor of hope in the storm

 Your friends and Amblers Eric and Margaret