Harbour Churches Lent Course


“Everyone prays, but no one finds it easy.  We all need a little help.” Pete Greig

Prayer is a gift and privilege which I, for one, underestimate.  Would you like to learn how to pray more effectively?  Please consider participating in the Harbour Churches Lent Course for which this will be the focus.

We will follow the on-line Prayer Course –  https://prayercourse.org/about/ – it is based on the book by Pete Greig  “How to Pray – A Simple Guide for Normal People” which reflects the structure of the Lord’s Prayer.  You would watch the on-line video each week (the link will be sent to you) at a time to suit you (20-30mins) prior to joining a group on Zoom (max 40 mins) to talk about what you have heard.  The groups will be either the existing Harbour Group or new groups established for this purpose.

There is no cost unless you want to buy the book, but the online materials stand in their own right.  The plan is to start week commencing 15 February which would give us 7 sessions before Easter.  You do not have to commit to the whole period…see how it goes!

If you are interested to know more, please e-mail me at curateanthony@gmail.com , if possible by Friday 5th February. If you would like to discuss which group you might be in, e-mail me and I will call you to discuss it.  One or two people may be able to join existing Harbour Groups (but still contact me), but most will be in a group set up for this.

Please do join in…we have seldom been in greater need of prayer!

“Prayer is the slender nerve that moves the muscles of omnipotence”- Charles Spurgeon


Anthony Goddard
29 January 2021