Newsletter 9th January

Happy New Year… Happy Epiphany

I hope you’ve been able to have a good Christmas and happy start to the New Year. I was blessed to spend precious family time in Norway. Jane’s family have inherited from her grandmother the well worn saying, ‘If you have nothing good to say, say nothing.’
That’s easier said than done. I know I’d say a fair amount less if I followed that saying… But isn’t it SO wearing when you are on the radar of ‘nothing good’ – you or those around you.
Today, at morning prayer, we listened to our daily reflection on the bible reading (John 1. 29-34) for Epiphany – the season when we celebrate knowing Jesus and making him known. I was struck by the following sentence:

As we enter this new year, the challenge for us is simply to point to Jesus by what we say, by what we do not say, and by what we do.’

Three simple ways in which we can be good news in 2022…

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