Good News for St James

We have been granted Faculty for our new altar fall and kneeler cushions, the diocese were ‘really enthusiastic’ about the art work Polly Meynell had designed. So she is busy getting the altar falls ready and she has sent me the canvases for the kneelers but of course we can’t start on them as a community project as we are all isolating. However we have come up with the idea of an individual simple square cushion based on her pilgrim’s shell of the scallop for the altar falls.

As Polly describes: “The radial lines mark the path of pilgrimage towards a centre that is not visible on the canvas. Sometimes we travel without knowing where the end will be. We take a path
and trust that God will lead us along the straight and narrow…the coloured shards mark the concentric lines on the scallop and also symbolise the infinite variety of God’s people…linked by
walking towards the same destination.”

These cushions are on the same canvas 10 to the inch with a simple tent stitch and all instructions are in the kits with needles wools, painted canvas and clear charts. They will cost £32 each which is very cheap for a bespoke cushion 40cm square, most similar in the shops are £40-£50 each. We hope that these could be left on the pews as seat cushions for individuals who wished to have extra comfort, but you could keep your own if you wished. They will be finished with a velvet backing once completed but there are no deadlines!

And can I say stitching is a helpful way to sit and pray…especially in this time of isolation at home.

I have started some areas of the kneelers in anticipation of setting up our Birdham Broderers in the near future. Anyone from the Benefice is welcome to join us, men and children included.

Please contact me Susan Monks 512881 for more information.