Covid Funerals

In recent days Harbour Churches have lost two very faithful members of the church family. We give thanks to God for their faithfulness and good examples.

We all appreciate how difficult and distressing it can be when someone very special dies during this time of pandemic and we are not able to pay our respects as we would wish.

As you will be aware, church funerals are now strictly limited to 30 invited guests. Further, individuals may not congregate outside the church to pay their respects as it is considered a gathering for a specific purpose and contravenes the legal requirement that only one person may meet with one other outside.

We are all struggling with the restrictions we are having to live with by law, but if we remain resolute and follow all the guidance we have been given, then there is every chance that this present lockdown will bring about the desired effect and we can enjoy greater freedoms.

Surrexit alleluia