Is this you….? 

I can’t be confirmed because ….
I’m not a good enough Christian!
I don’t have a strong enough faith!
I don’t go to church enough!
Who is God anyway?.
and was Mary really a virgin?

Well, you’re wrong – you can be confirmed! 

All you need is an open heart and mind.
We’ve a brilliant little book on ‘Being Christian’ to read,
four sessions of coffee and confession
(only kidding – it’s really coffee and conversation)
to talk about life, the universe and everything,
And who knows, you too may say ‘Yes’ to
the journey of living faith.

Time & Place – St James Centre 7- 8 pm
Dates – 2nd Oct, 16th Oct, 6th Nov and 20th Nov

More info speak to the Rector, Jonathan, or Rev Sarah or just come along and see what its all about.