What a response! Thank you all so much. We did this because we had to cancel ‘Carols on the Green’, and other alternatives, due to the Covid restrictions and have had a really lean year for the same reasons; fund raising has been very hard. The collection would have been shared with WW School who are desperate to help the children catch up to their usual levels so that none miss out. So that is what we are doing.

Your generosity raised £2,762.50, a lot more than usual but don’t worry, despite that we’ll still be putting ‘Carols on the Green’ back on next year!

The half which will go to Bo this year will go towards a science lab to help the older children with their advanced science subjects and give them the best chance to get good exam results and decent jobs.

You have helped our children here as well as those in greater need in a much poorer country with whom we have close links. You have really made a difference.

Education, a gift for life!