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Harbour Churches Meditation

Harbour Churches Meditation:

 ‘I will lift up my eyes’

Harbour Churches Wednesday  Meditation: ‘I will lift up my eyes’

Revd Jim offers a heartfelt and challenging reflection on how we are called to follow Jesus in solidarity with the marginalised and persecuted – especially in this time of pandemic

Jim shares how he was moved and inspired by a sermon preached by Revd. Dr. Otis Moss III in response to the ongoing racial injustice in the USA. This is now particularly pertinent in the light of the killing of George Floyd. Revd Otis powerful sermon ‘The Cross and the Lynching Tree – A Requiem for Ahmaud Arbery’ concludes the meditation.

The issues covered are difficult and for many of us deeply uncomfortable.

Nevertheless, if we walk in the way of Jesus we must face them.

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Harbour Churches Pentecost Zoom Celebration

Harbour Churches Pentecost Zoom Celebration

Over sixty participants shared in the first Zoom gathering of the Harbour Churches family as we celebrate
‘Living Faith in Lock down’.

The new ways we have discovered to be the church were shared by individuals as they witnessed to their experience of living faith. We ended with the amazing ‘UK Blessing’!

We are sensitive of the privacy of those who participated, and it isn’t possible at this time for us to make the service available on our
YouTube ‘Harbour Churches Sofa Service’ channel.

Wednesday Meditation

For this week’s meditation, we’re delighted to welcome Revd. Jim Mould to the sofa as we reflect on how disadvantaged groups in our society and beyond have experienced life during a time of pandemic.

The issues addressed will no doubt be controversial but, with the events we see unfolding in the States and closer to home, it is urgent that those who claim to follow Jesus encounter how too many are denied the fullness of life experienced by others.

The live link will be available Wednesday evening and Thursday morning.

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Pentecost Zoom Celebration

Pentecost Zoom Celebration

‘Living Faith in Lockdown’

We warmly invite you to join in
‘Harbour Churches Celebration of Pentecost… by Zoom!’

Sunday 31st May 10am

We’d love to see you all dressed in the colours of the Holy Spirit
a fiery sunset over an aqua sea!
Just follow the link to join to accept the invitation at 10am this Sunday.
We’ll all be muted and the host will unmute participants
during our worship.

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Restored Lives

Do you remember – all those weeks ago – when Archbishop Justin told us that: ‘Church is going to change’?

I doubt he or any of us quite knew what that would mean. For me, leading Harbour Churches, it has meant a powerful affirmation that the Holy Spirit really is at work among us, blessing all that we are and all that we do. I am convinced we have never been more open and engaged.

Once again, I am just amazed at another blessing that is being offered to us – a blessing that enables us to bless others.

We know that Coronavirus is at its most dangerous where there are underlying needs and issues. That is also true for couples in relationships that are in difficulty or have broken down. I am humbled that, as Harbour Churches,  we have an opportunity to be part of a national team offering a course for people who have been impacted by the end of a significant relationship, whether separated, currently going through divorce or already divorced.

Restored Lives is a Christian based initiative which recognizes that some relationships do unravel and that couples, their children and wider family, can be left broken and hurting. This tried and tested course offers practical and supportive help, giving everyone the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing and offering the tools to deal with them in a life-giving way. 

Anonymity is something that is really important to those currently going through, or have been, separated or divorced.  This course is being offered through the medium of ‘Zoom’ and the small groups will be drawn from beyond our locality.

Two members of our church family, who have both done the course themselves and then helped on and ultimately led a course, are going to be involved in the next nationwide online course which will be starting in June. 

Jenny and Charlie are very happy to answer any of your questions. Do contact them directly:

Jenny Gray – 07971101017
Charlie Gray – 07808 938296

You can also check out and register for the course directly by clicking on this link: www.restoredlives.org

Yes, the Church is going to change – may that change be in the restoration of our lives by working to restore the lives of the broken or hurting.

Be restored

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Zoom service for Pentecost

We will be publishing the details of how to join this coming Sunday’s Zoom service for Pentecost here on the website and also sending them out in a newsletter on Friday ready for you to join in at 10am on Sunday 31st May.

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Bo Appeal Details

In last week’s reflection, Revd. Bruce invited us to look beyond our own limited horizons and see the bigger picture with the loving eyes of God. Bruce talked about what Coronavirus is like in Bo, Sierra Leone and how devastating it will be if it gets hold and, most importantly, how we can help. Lock-down there means the people cannot tend their crops or gather the harvest. We are asking you to share this link with everyone that you know so that, as a community, we can come together, in love and reach out to them in their need.

Our appeal ‘The Price is Rice’, aims to meet the basic food needs of the community in Bo, by providing families with a simple but life saving sack of rice. A 25kg sack of rice costs £12, and a 50kg sack £22. It will be given directly to those in need through the school, Church and Mother’s Union.

Giving is simple too:

Cheques can be sent to the Secretary, the Bo School Appeal, 3 Elmstead Gdns, WW, PO20 8NG made payable to WWPCC (charity a/c). Bank details for transfers can be found on the website (www.slbsa.co.uk) donate page under ‘download gift aid and standing order forms’. Any transfers should be referenced ‘Bo Covid Appeal’.

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