Birdham Church Family Meeting
Sunday 23rd June 10.30am – 11.15am

In this time of renewal, the PCC has agreed that, for the coming year,
the work and witness of the St James Church family will be discussed and acted upon through monthly meetings open to all the congregation.
Whilst this is in no small way a response to the poorly supported committee life of the church, it is a positive initiative through which we can re-engage with the amazing privilege we have to share together in being Christ’s body for the sake of those we are called to serve.

These meetings will be chaired by Susan, our Churchwarden, or Jonathan, our Rector, and you are invited to submit items for discussion in the
first three weeks of June.

Provisional items for discussion in June are:
Calendar of Events
What we do together, why we do it and when! Ideas?
Charitable Giving and Parish Giving Scheme
Who we support financially, why and to what end. Suggestions?
Safe Recruitment and all member ministry
Valuing and equipping all who serve as volunteers. Gifting?

 BUT… the most important thing we ask of the church family is to pray –pray for these meetings and into these issues.