As lockdown 3 continues are you looking for something to do?

As we approach Lent with lockdown continuing in some form I thought it would be a good idea to offer another cushion design that might inspire prayerful reflection as you stitch, especially as our Lent talks are going to be focussing on PRAYER. The stitching is a basic diagonal half cross stitch or tent stitch, very easy to do, for men or women or children.

I also have the bigger Birdham altar rail kneelers should anyone be wanting to do some stitching in lighter colours and those are framed up ready to go. Of course these were and are aiming to be stitched by the whole village community so there is no need to feel you have to finish them (and they don’t cost anything as they have already been bought by the church)

I can make up kits of the Lent cushions for anyone who is interested with a painted canvas  40 cm square and wools @£40 each.  This is how Polly describes her design based on the scallop shell of St. James.

Purple is the colour of anticipation, preparation, and penitence.

This panel is for Advent and Lent. The season invites scrutiny, reflection and patience as Christmas and Easter approach.

In the commercial world Christmas and Easter completely overshadow Advent and Lent. The speed of our modern lives do not allow for a great deal of patience and we are not disposed to wait for things- in fact we are generally displeased if we are made to wait.

It is important however to note the significance of this season- as anticipation is closely connected with hope, and the reflection helps us to prepare ourselves in readiness for God.

The three shells symbolise several elements in this panel. The colours connect with Marys blue for Advent, the grey ashes of Lent and green for life after death.

The mosaic shards are flesh becoming new life flowing from the centre of the shells.