At a relatively quiet moment in the church year, it seems opportune to pause and thank all of you who give regularly to St Nicholas, thus helping us to maintain the fabric of the building and churchyard and contributing to regular worship in our village church. We are so grateful for your support.

In the past I have written to each of you individually, but the only drawback of the excellent Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is that donors are anonymous, so I am not sure who some of you are! However, by whichever means you give to our little church, we on the PCC wish to thank you very much indeed for your generosity.

If any of you feel you could be persuaded to take up the PGS, which most donors currently use, it would be really helpful. We find that the simplicity and regularity of the system enable us to budget more efficiently. Also, our parish is now in the position of needing to pay a treasurer as the work has become increasingly onerous. Gift Aid forms are time consuming and repetitive and this work can be avoided by using the PGS. The scheme receives payments by Direct Debit and returns donations to our account, including Gift Aid, within 10 days. Do please talk to me or ask me for a form if you might be interested.

We hope you enjoy the remainder of summer and, once again, we assure you of our sincere thanks for all that you contribute.

Jane Oundjian