Newsletter 19th June

‘We go from the table to the work of transfiguring the world in God’s power: to seeing the world in a new light, to seeing human beings with new eyes, and to working as best as we can to bring God’s purpose nearer to fruition in the world.’

Rowan Williams

 Who doesn’t like a cheeky take-away?!? Chinese, Indian, Italian or the ultimate guilty pleasure  – a Big Mac with all the sides! During Covid, a take-away service has been a lifeline for so many in the catering and hospitality business. As a church we also have our own version of a ‘take-away’ – yes, stay with me… Holy Communion.

When we come together to share as the body of Christ in Holy Communion, we have a ‘foretaste’ of what God has in store for all of us – welcomed, forgiven, generous and filled with the Holy Spirit – God’s Kingdom.

As we conclude our reflection on the meaning, place and purpose of Holy Communion for our life together as Harbour Churches, we need to recognise that it isn’t just something we keep to ourselves. No, it’s an experience we must take-away with us and, through it, bring God’s purpose to fruition.

Some of you may recall a controversial 1960’s Bishop who got into hot water over his attempts to communicate the good news of Jesus Christ in a way which made sense to his times (even then the Church could see it was having problems). Some of what he wrote pushed the envelop a little too far, but more of what he said captured the essence of the church being, in every age and to all people, a missionary body – called to be those ‘beautiful feet’ bringing good news. On Holy Communion Bp John Robinson wrote these profoundly beautiful words:

…to take this Holy Community out with us, we need not only to meet but to scatter – carrying into every part of our common life and society the transforming powers of the new world we have here known in the Church.’

Enjoy your ‘take-away’ – it can transform the world!